Final Portfolio First Draft

Most of the time is it hard to be aware of the mistakes one is making. Writing is no different, and in this semester in our college writing class, I have gotten a better understanding of the specific steps I can take in order to take my writing to the next level. Being a good... Continue Reading →

Death penalty, keep it or not?

By: Jackie, Selina Death penalty has always been a polarized and controversial topic while people are discussing nowadays. Death penalty, also known as the capital punishment, is a government-sanctioned practice whereby a person is killed by the state as a punishment for a crime. People hold different ideas about death penalty, there do have people... Continue Reading →

Internet of Things for dummies

Your day starts with a usual question to your Amazon Alexa: - Hey, what are the latest news? - Good morning, the greatest companies in almost all industries ready to spend billions of dollars to purchase and implement this rapidly spreading technology. However, you use this sounds-like-something-really-cool concept every day: at home, at work, in store, literally everywhere… - Hey, Alexa, what are you talking about? - This is the Internet of Things.

Women or Men for Wall Street?

March 13th, 2019 By Talin Bajaj & Dominic Belcea After the 2008 crash people started wondering if women would be a better fit for the financial world as they tend to take fewer risks, not only in the financial sector but in the day to day life. When trying to enter the financial investment world... Continue Reading →

By: Natalie Ruben, Ariela Atun, and Andrea Viteri The first time I walked inside the Reformation store in Soho, New York City I was enchanted by how different and entertaining it all was. There were virtual computers all over the store to help me look for the article of clothing I wanted and check availability... Continue Reading →

Guaido: The legitimate President ?

Guaido: The Legitimate President? Turmoiled Venezuelan constitution says Guaido is the legitimate interim president. By: Andres Avila and Eva Khanpara March 18, 2019 My parents always tell me stories from their childhood and what it was like growing up for them. They talk about the times when Venezuela was a thriving country with an abundant... Continue Reading →

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